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USA Made Bear Resistant Containers, Bear Bags and Bear Canisters

While backpacking in most areas of the United States, it is suggested that you use a bear bag, bear canister, or other bear resistant container for storing your food. Most parks and wilderness areas encourage hanging food from a special bear pole or between two trees in such a way that bears and other animals cannot reach it. Others even require the use of a bear proof container.


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Available Products

Keep bears from inviting themselves to your feast! BearVault bear-proof containers feature tool-less access, light weight and large volume.

BearVault Food Canister for Hiking and Backpacking


Keep bears from inviting themselves to your feast! This bear-proof container features tool-less access, light weight and large volume.

Durable Lexan® construction keeps the canister weight light and the inner volume high; holds seven days worth of food.

Large rainproof lid features a childproof-style, press-while-you-turn locking mechanism.

Dimpled strap guides on the exterior keep straps from shifting and eliminate the need for a carrying pouch, meaning more weight savings. Translucent vault makes finding your meal selection easy.


Garcia Machine
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Email: gmachine@psnw.com

Available Products

Backpacker's Cache, top quality bear resistant containers. They are expert tested (by bears), and have proven very effective in not only reducing odor transmission of the food inside, but also in keeping even the hungriest of bears out of your food supply.

Garcia Bear Resistant Hiking Backpacking Container

Garcia Bear Resistant Container

Bears have a tough time even holding onto this slick container, let alone opening it. Easy for a backpacker to open with a coin or screwdriver.

Garcia Bear Canister Carrying Case

Garcia Carrying Case

Protect your Garcia bear resistant container with their specially designed case. Makes the case easier to carry or strap onto a pack.


PO Box 5002
Mill Valley, CA 94942
Tel: (866) 232-7224
Email: tomcohen@ursack.com

Available Products

Bear-resistant food bags made of bullet-proof fabric. Ursack is bear and critter resistant, lightweight, compressible, spacious, and water and UV resistant.

Ursack TKO Bear Proof Bag

Ursack TKO Bear Proof Bag

Bear bag made of high tech Spectra fabric and flexible fiberglass Ripstop nylon. Weighs just 5 ounces.


Wild Ideas, LLC
P.O. Box 1575
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Tel: (805) 693-0550
Email: info@wild-ideas.net

Available Products

"The Bearikade is a bear resistant container made of a lightweight composite sandwich. The Bearikade is easily opened by a human using the edge of a coin or other flat object such as a screwdriver blade. Animals, on the other hand, find it virtually impossible to open. The Bearikade is available in two sizes; the Weekender MKII, which will hold about 6 person days of food (2 people for 3 days) and weighs 1 pound 15 ounces or the Expedition MKII which holds about 9 person days of food and weighs 2 pounds 5 ounces."




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