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Isle Royale Quick Campground Tips


Big Todd Harbor - One shelter with a community fire ring nearby. Rocky beach. Boat dock. Few people.

Daisy Farm - A huge campground. Many shelters and tent sites, and a boat dock. There is a nice picnic shelter by the group tent sites. A great spot for hikers to get out of the rain.

Lake Desor (North) - 3 tent sites, no fires allowed. Clean outhouse (no TP, watch for huge spiders). Steep & rocky getting down to the lake. Few people. Huge maples along trail into the campground.

Little Todd Harbor - All nice sites on Lake Superior (3 or 4 total.) Rocky beach with good photo opportunities. Clean outhouse (no TP), fires permitted, lots of birch trees, few people.

MacCargoe Cove - Many people - a popular pick-up/drop-off point for the ferry. Individual tent sites are far up the hill. Community fire ring by the lake. Good moose watching. Calm for swimming on nice days.

Moskey Basin - Huge rocks by the lake - great for sitting and relaxing. Nice shelter spots on the lakeshore.

Three Mile - Close to Lake Superior. Shelter, boat dock. Damp and dark.




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