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Appalachian Trail 2003 Hiker Survey

Before hiking the Appalachian Trail, most people go through months of planning and preparation. Those who have never done a long distance hike before often have a difficult time figuring out how to fit everything they'll need for 6 months into a backpack, and how they'll actually be able to navigate that load across 2,000 miles of rocks, mud, and mountains. In addition to that, how will time be made for the hike? What troubles might be encountered? What will be gained, and what will be lost?

Nothing teaches better than experience. Once on the Appalachian Trail, hikers quickly learn to minimize their backpacking loads, and to do whatever else they can to ease their bodies and minds. After hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2003, we decided to email a survey out to some of the thru-hikers we shared the Trail with over 6 months. We received 48 replies, and a lot of great information. This survey is completely unscientific, and only shows results from those who had the ability to answer via email, but the information can still aid those who are planning their own long distance hike. If you hiked the Appalachian Trail and did not have a chance to fill out the survey and would like to, please contact us.

Click here to view the Appalachian Trail 2003 Hiker Survey Results


Appalachian Trail along the White Mountains of New Hampshire
Hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


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