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Appalachian Trail 2003 - Chelsea's Journals

Entry #107 - August 2, 2003

8:30 PM - Not a good day of hiking. The scenery was nice & all that, but I am just sick of the stupid bugs, the humidity and sweat pouring off of me, always being filthy and hiking, hiking, HIKING. I am sick of getting into this tiny tent and laying in this clammy sheet with Andy elbowing me all night. So, I am sick of a lot of it, but I will never break down and quit. We have less than 700 miles now - should be doable.

We didn't quite make it to Limestone Springs Shelter - we're tenting somewhere before there. Took a shower under a showerhead coming out of the side of the building @ the hydroelectric plant. Not the most effective since we still had clothes on, but got our hair washed anyway. Ate dinner @ the park by the river and a dog followed us from there about a half mile. Almost thought we had a new Trail buddy.

Into Salisbury tomorrow to resupply...

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Preparing to Hike the Appalachian Trail?

Commonly used guides by A.T. thru-hikers include the Appalachian Trail Guides (published by the Appalachian Trail Conference), the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker's Companion, and the Appalachian Trail Data Book. The guide series includes a guide for each section, along with a series of trail maps. The Thru-Hiker's Companion has helpful info on towns, shelters, and water. The Data Book has basic distance info for road crossings, shelters, and other features. All are excellent tools for use during a long distance hike.




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