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Appalachian Trail 2003 - Chelsea's Journals

Entry #123 - August 25, 2003

7:30 PM - Slept in a bit late - 8:00. I woke up and Andy had his shoes on & all his stuff packed up, except the tent, of course. Got going eventually. The hike wasn't too bad - about 15 miles to where we are now - Trapper John Shelter. I was just so bored, bored, bored. The Whites are going to be harder than hell, but at least (maybe) the scenery will take our minds off it some. People are sure thinning out. Orbit was the only other person @ the shelter last night and the only one tonight, too. He had been hiking with his girlfriend, but she quit in Harper's Ferry - the same as Sassy, I guess.

The new talk on the trail - the new word we keep hearing - Summit/Summitting. As in "When are you going to summit?"

It's pretty weird.

Well, we thought we had enough food for the next 3 days but Andy was alarmed by the low # of snacks we have, so we decided to make a quick trip in @ the road tomorrow morning. We need to eat as much as possible to keep some energy. We're just planning a short day tomorrow, anyway.

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Preparing to Hike the Appalachian Trail?

Commonly used guides by A.T. thru-hikers include the Appalachian Trail Guides (published by the Appalachian Trail Conference), the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker's Companion, and the Appalachian Trail Data Book. The guide series includes a guide for each section, along with a series of trail maps. The Thru-Hiker's Companion has helpful info on towns, shelters, and water. The Data Book has basic distance info for road crossings, shelters, and other features. All are excellent tools for use during a long distance hike.




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