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Appalachian Trail 2003 - Chelsea's Journals

Entry #145 - September 21, 2003

8:30 PM - OK, pretty tired tonight. Ended up doing 22 miles to the Pierce Pond Lean-To. Had my very first night hike, even if it was only a half hour or so in the very dark. Decided to come all the way here, so that we could catch the Kennebec River Ferry on its early run, from 9 to 11, instead of waiting 'til the afternoon.

Was another nice day, with lots of flat walking. Lots of swamp & bog logs, but no moose.

It's better to burn out,
Than it is to rust.
- Neil Young

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Maine Lean-To's

Ever thought of building your very own lean-to or three sided shelter? Believe it or not, the thought has actually crossed my mind more than a time or two since the trail. Wandering in quiet woods with old trees, I imagine my old little shelter. Maybe I'd spend the summer mornings there, maybe use it for a lunch shelter during deer season, maybe just to go out and have a campfire at. Believe it or not, the Maine A. T. Club has a guide available so that regular folks like us can have our very own lean-to's. Sounds like a good spring project to me.

FYI, the picture on the cover is the Pierce Pond Lean-To. A lovely and lonely little cabin where the songs of loons will sing you to sleep and their laughter wake you in the morning.




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