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Appalachian Trail 2003 - Chelsea's Journals

Entry #146 - September 22, 2003

7:45 PM - Woke at Pierce Pond to the laughing & singing of loons down on the lake. We could see in the light of day that the scenery was just like being back in Minnesota.

Got to Kennebec River a little after 9 and were on of the first to cross in the canoe ferry. The river was huge, and pretty deep where we crossed - at least 10 feet, I'd think. We heard later that Sherpa forded it after us. The water was up to his chest where he crossed & he carried his pack over his head. Probably not the smartest thing to do!

Once at the road we caught a ride to the store a mile down only to find it was closed. The lady driving us brought us down to the next spot - a lodge called Northern Outdoors. There was no store, but a restaurant where we had a great breakfast. From there we had to find another ride 5 miles farther to the general store. It took awhile, but we made it. We resupplied & caught a ride back to the trail. Did just 6 miles to the first shelter - Pleasant Pond. The shelter sucks, but we're tenting. There's a trail down to the lake, which is nice. Lots of cabins. Looks like home, but we're so far away.

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Kennebec River Crossing

The canoe ferry is the legit (officially sanctioned) way to cross the Kennebec River for Appalachian Trail thru-hikers. Fording this wide river is not recommended. Water levels can change rapidly due to the hydroelectric plant. Floating logs and other river debris are also a danger, as in any and all river crossings. Do not attempt to ford! Take a load off and grab a paddle!

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