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Appalachian Trail 2003 - Chelsea's Journals

Entry #147 - September 23, 2003

7:50 PM - The day actually started out ok. The forecast had said rain, and we thought we'd be waking up to it. Were glad to find only wind in the morning.

So, we kind of did the day in sections. Thought we might have to stay at the shelter that was only 9 miles depending on the weather. About a mile before we got there Andy had to make a pit stop & I went on. I must have been a bit over excited by how fast I got to the shelter. I was crossing the tiny stream before it and slipped on a rock. First I fell and banged my knee. I couldn't get my balance and it ran through my head that it figures - I'm going to bang my head on a rock, fall down unconscious into the stream and drown in two inches of water! Luckily, I only fell on my back - my pack - into the water. Got a little wet but mostly just embarrassed. Of course, there was no one around.

After that it was up Moxie Bald Mtn & then to the lean-to. We were there around 2:30, had done 13 miles, and it still hadn't rained. We decided to do another 9 to the Horseshoe Canyon Lean-To. The walking was extremely easy, but about 3 0r 4 miles in, the rain started. First it just sprinkled, which wasn't so bad. We reached the Piscatoquis River in a pretty good rain & had to ford. It wasn't too bad, but our biggest on-foot river crossing yet. Had to just walk across, paying more attention to not falling than how wet your feet were getting. We caught up with Loser there and hiked the last 3 miles in a downpour. Talk about miserable. Got to the shelter & it is packed. 15 people here total, so we're getting wet tenting. Should be nice tomorrow though & at least it's not storming. And we now only have 9 miles into Monson. Bring on the shower, laundry, bed, food, etc! After that it's the 100-Mile Wilderness!!


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Preparing to Hike the Appalachian Trail?

Commonly used guides by A.T. thru-hikers include the Appalachian Trail Guides (published by the Appalachian Trail Conference), the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker's Companion, and the Appalachian Trail Data Book. The guide series includes a guide for each section, along with a series of trail maps. The Thru-Hiker's Companion has helpful info on towns, shelters, and water. The Data Book has basic distance info for road crossings, shelters, and other features. All are excellent tools for use during a long distance hike.




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